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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Since its founding by Arthur and Nadia Stark in 1938, Stark Carpet has set the bar for exceptional designs and craftsmanship. The company continues to remain deeply rooted in family tradition with the 3rd generation, Ashley Stark Kenner and Chad Stark, positioned in the firm and working to secure Stark's legacy into the future. The pair have recently released the hardcover book, Decorating With Carpets: A Fine Foundation, which is an absolute tribute to both their family's lifelong work and the impact the company's eye for artistry has made on the interior design world.

The photographs selected for the book underscore why Stark Carpet remains the go-to resource for revered designers. Each page features the completed work of top talents, including Victoria Hagan, Nancy Braithwaite, Markham Roberts, Bunny Williams, Jeffrey Bilhuber -- to name a few -- not only revealing the time honored and close relationships that Stark has enjoyed with this accomplished & ever-stylish set, but from a decorative foundation, understanding the valuable component that carpet plays into an overall design scheme. Each chapter focuses on specific rooms within a home and addresses the function of carpet as it relates to the needs of each space. Also discussed are why certain options are better suited -- durable rugs & runners for high traffic areas, and by contrast, soothing designs for more intimate rooms -- as well as identifying the importance of a carpet's design pattern as it applies to the scale of a room.

Ultimately, turning these pages makes it very clear how Stark's passion has elevated carpet making into an art form and their appreciation for working collectively with acclaimed designers has produced some of the most celebrated and trendsetting interior design work of our time. Decorating With Carpets is a must-add to your design library. Images included above & below.

*I have The Vendome Press for extending me a copy to preview.

Images The Vendome Press

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