Lion Tamer Bread

Friday, January 15, 2016

Brian Dulisse of Lion Tamer Bread

It's a crime that we hadn't been to Lion Tamer Bread up until now.....  Located a stone's throw from Emory and tucked back within a small strip of stores, it's now ours and will quickly become your favorite go-to for unbelievable daily fresh baked bread. Owner & baker Brian Dulisse will charm you with his quick witted sense of humor and his ever changing assortment of breads (3-4 types per day), baked Wednesday - Sunday. Dulisse posts his weekly menu on the website.....  And if you head over today, you can expect Mild White, Blonde, and Semolina/Fennel/Poppy, when he opens at 1pm.

We stopped in right before Christmas and tried the Kamut and Sunflower/Flax......  Both exceptional! I even cut these both into chucks to freeze and when reheated in the oven were perfect!! Our photos above & below.....

Images James Atticus Ferguson

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