Vladimir Kagan

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vladimir Kagan

After learning about legendary furniture designer Vladimir Kagan's death last week, I found myself drawn into reading his very detailed, intimate and insightful blog for the better part of Saturday afternoon.....  In addition to a number of artisan events he attended right up until his passing, both stateside and abroad, his writing has impressed upon me his unbelievable passion for life! As well as his enduring love for his wife, master embroidery designer Erica Wilson (who passed away in 2011), his three children, Illya, Jessica and Vanessa, and grandchildren......  His deep appreciation for lifelong friendships and the desire to continue to make new ones.....  And his unending pursuit to create art in a range of forms.

The Kagan Family -- Nantucket, 1970s

I am a daily reader of New York Social Diary, and particularly look forward to their Q&A posts (and interiors images) with noted artisans residing in the NY area.....  Mr. Kagan was interviewed & the interiors of his NYC apartment featured in August of 2015. Not only is every photograph an absolute pleasure to take in -- the art, the collections, the time honored treasures -- but a photo of a hallway COVERED in family photos has always stayed with me -- perhaps because it completely underscores the Kagan family's love for one another & past generations and truly valuing the memories of their shared experiences.

Photographs line Kagan's Bedroom Hallway of his NYC apartment

In NYSD's post, the interview mentions how Kagan's daughter, Vanessa had recently moved into a section of the apartment with her husband and three children. The photos of her space show a contrasting interior design style to that of her father's.....  But, her name reminded me of when she was on the cover of Town & Country magazine, the July 1999 issue, photographed on Nantucket and holding her one of her daughters. The Kagan family have been longtime fixtures on the Island. Erica's shop, Erica Wilson Nantucket (which Vanessa now oversees), continues to be the go-to destination on Main Street for all things needlepoint. The T&C photo of Vanessa represents for me a time of idyllic innocence, a very natural & unstylized setting celebrating the beauty and peace of island living.....  1999, a time before the explosion of the internet and the changing landscape of our country and the world.

Vanessa Kagan Diserio, photographed for Town & Country, July 1999

*Photograph from the May 2016 issue of Architectural Digest -- a vintage Vladimir Kagan sofa, covered in green Lee Jofa velvet, placed in the Living Room of Fiona Kotur's Hong Kong home.

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