Pre-Order 'Live At Sweet Briar College'

Friday, July 22, 2016

OK Y'all.......   'Dave Matthews Live At Sweet Briar College' is now available for pre-order! This is an acoustic performance held in Sweet Briar's dell during my senior year, on the prettiest Spring day, 4.14.96. Read more about the details from my previous post here.

Go ahead and order the 2 disc set, plus a custom T-Shirt designed with our college mascot, the Vixen >>> Check Out The Track List:

1. One Sweet World
2. Crash Into Me
3. Little Thing
4. Dancing Nancies
5. #41
6. Recently
7. Typical Situation
8. Jimi Thing
9. Two Step
10. The Best Of What’s Around
11. The Song That Jane Likes
12. Say Goodbye
13. Blue Water
14. What Would You Say

1. Pay For What You Get
2. Lie In Our Graves
3. Granny
4. Warehouse
5. Angel From Montgomery
6. Seek Up
7. I’ll Back You Up
8. #36
9. Satellite
10. Tripping Billies
11. So Much To Say
12. Ants Marching
13. All Along The Watchtower

*The absolute sweetest part of this CD release, Dave Matthews will donate net proceeds from the sale to Sweet Briar. Many thanks to David and Fenton, and everyone helping to make this possible!

Sweet Like Candy To My Soul
Sweet You Rock And Sweet You Roll

'Dave Matthews Live At Sweet Briar College' / 4.14.96

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