Pierre Paulin

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Appreciation Week continues with a closer look at an exceptional and just released monograph, Pierre Paulin: Life and Work, with text by Nadine Descendre and published by The Vendome Press/Scriptum Editions.

The design work of Pierre Paulin (1927-2009) has left an imprint worldwide.....  Within the pages of this book is a detailed exploration into his early influences & sketches to completed & celebrated projects. Paulin became know for an ability to move seamlessly from one project to another, extending his classic meets modern aesthetic to furnishings, automobiles and interior design. His iconic designs are represented by this signature style through blending elements from opposite ends of the spectrum -- soft and supple fabrics, curvy sculptural shapes and the ease of comfortably juxtaposed against a design foundation of hard materials, steel, plastic, wood, constructed from very simplified forms. I even found the design of the book's cover to embody Paulin's quintessential look.....   Noting the sole image, his revered F437 Orange Slice chair (1959) contrasted by the very rigid and thick square shaped hardcover.

Rather than a breakdown into individual chapters, author Nadine Descendre has deliberately chosen to craft the writing of the book into chunks of time periods. I found this treatment allows us as readers to soak up the abundance of inspiration, from fundamental experiences to seasoned collaborations, and gain a deeper understanding of the variety of projects that continued to fuel what would become extraordinary examples of Pierre Paulin's life's work.

For any design or art enthusiast, I highly recommend adding this hardcover book to your library.

*I have The Vendome Press to thank for extending me a copy to preview.

Images The Vendome Press / Benjamin Chelly Photography
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