Wellness Tool Kit

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Some of my go-to's stocked in my Wellness Tool Kit......  Be proactive with your health!

  • Weleda Skin Food is really thick when squeezed out of the tube, but it's perfect for extra moisturizing on your face & body. I cut it with Camellia Oil and apply liberally during the Winter months at night to my face

  • Lauricidin a pure monolaurin supplement, "natural, plant-based medium chain saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil that offers unique health-promoting properties." One jar lasts about a month and is made up of small pellets that you swallow, not chew. I take a scoop a day (sometimes 2 if I feel something coming on) for immune defense

  • Ward off any unwanted 'bugs' by taking a good probiotic everyday. I like this one from Klaire Labs

  • ACF from Buried Treasure is like liquid gold! I take this throughout the winter months, or I'll start taking it like the week before I get on an airplane, or I'll take it if I happen to be around someone else with a cold. FYI, Buried Treasure makes a children's formula too

  • Effer-C Elderberry is a really great boost for the immune system. Individual packets mixed into a glass of water, provides an assortment of vitamins and minerals

  • Source Naturals Herbal Resistance Liquid is another option I turn to for immune support, offering a unique mix of ingredients including Echinacea, Elderberry and Ginger Root, to enhace optimal health

  • If you're in the Atlanta area, this is a list of some of my favorite health practitioners

*I am not a doctor, please read labels & research what is best for you.
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