'Chocolate Alchemy'

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Available on bookshelves today, Chocolate Alchemy: A Bean-To-Bar Primer, the premiere hardcover from one of my dearests, Kristen Hard. Kristen is the founder of CACAO, an Atlanta based company & confectionery specializing in crafting exceptional chocolate.

Kristen's passionate, personal and hands-on approach sets a high standard in the process of taking bean to bar. Find her traveling abroad throughout the year, sourcing her beans directly from farmers. Once back in her Atlanta factory for recipe testing, Kristen turns to experimenting with unexpected flavors, savory herbs and spices, creating a unique chocolate lovers experience! It's within the pages of Chocolate Alchemy that Kristen shares these treasured techniques for preparing and enjoying the rich & layered flavors of chocolate in a mouthwatering assortment of delicacies.

A couple of design details to point out about Chocolate Alchemy.....  Just as Kristen weaves an artisan influence within her culinary creations, she extends the same method to the book's distinctive design. She turned to noted art director & stylist Libbie Summers, photographer Chia Chong and designer Jennifer Muller for their expert eye in developing the overall "look" of Chocolate Alchemycover to cover. From Libbie, "This book was a hard labor of love and is nothing short of GORGEOUS! Photographer Chia Chong CRUSHED these Asia meets France inspired photos and Designer Jennifer Muller brought it all home with her thoughtful design!!!"

*For more insight, read my Q&A with Kristen from 2014 and check out my post from 2015 and the opening of CACAO's Buckhead boutique. 

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