Face Oil

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let's talk Face Oil.....  I am fan of trying different face products. I've written previously of my daily go-to's including Dermalogica and Rhonda Allison products and more recently I've added Christina Moss Naturals. The last couple of years have seen a rising trend of recommending Face Oil as a crucial component to a complete cleansing regime. At first, I was mixing my own -- maybe some Geranium, Camellia, Lavender, Coconut -- but I've been drawn to trying the formulas of a variety of beauty brands, listed below.....

All of these add Jojoba to their formulas.....  And some of the stand out oils that I am I looking to include, Argan, Neroli, Camellia, are found in all of these brands. But surprisingly, Amaki Face Oil has been my favorite. Its ingredient list is the simplest of the bunch and blends the oils I want to apply to my skin. I find that I can also add a couple of drops to my moisturizing cream for an added boost of richness & radiant glow.
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