Ray Booth

Monday, February 18, 2019

"Design of any kind begins with focused listening to elicit the who, what, and why of the given endeavor. The hope for beauty sufficient to capture and excite the imagination, and to not let it go, emerges more often than not from the intense conversations at the beginning of every undertaking." -- Ray Booth, Evocative Interiors

The work of the architecture & design firm McAlpine has been my subject of numerous blog posts, including the release of Poetry of Place, an all-encompassing text exploring the expert appeal of author Bobby McAlpine's residential masterpieces. Interior designer Ray Booth, a partner in McAlpine, steps into the spotlight and presents the very personal design process within his accomplished portfolio, a comprehensive guide that has culminated through the pages of his premiere hardcover book, Evocative Interiors. Booth's formal training as an architect serves as a touchstone, providing a unique design point of view throughout the 12 client commissions featured, a mix of city, coastal and country locales.

"To be afforded the luxury of forming and fine-tuning every aspect of a home, inside and out, to the last detail and nuance, uniquely for those who will inhabit it fully every day is a designer's ultimate challenge and happiest responsibility. Therein lies the possibility of realizing the evocative ideal - a home instilled with a reflection of the heart, made manifest in the surroundings." -- Ray Booth, Evocative Interiors

*Join Ray Booth for a Brunch & Book Signing February 23, as part of the Thomasville Antiques Show -- info here

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