New Read: Elizabeth Gilbert

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who knew that one woman's personal account of her journey of self perseverance & spiritual awakening would resonate within the lives of millions of us around the world. Perhaps its due to author Elizabeth Gilbert & her novel Eat, Pray, Love being intentionally written for one close friend. Gilbert reasons that her friend might take away some insights from reading her daily notes & entries of struggle, love, fear, & balance while on her pursuit to honest awareness within.
Committed, is Elizabeth Gilbert's next chapter & continued story of "what next"? In all honesty, she is dealt a new deck a cards by the United States Department of Homeland Security when she & her "beloved" are flying back into the US via the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. She clears immigration with no problems, he on the other hand, is denied access. Here lies the rub... both have an aversion to marriage after past bitter divorces. But, marriage is their only option to remain together, at least within the borders of the United States of America. This is Gilbert's jumping off point as she continues to wrestle with her heart & mind. She fittingly describes herself as as a "bird that can swim", and her love, a "fish that can fly".
I had the good fortune to see Elizabeth Gilbert and listen to her read passages from Committed at an event on the campus of Agnes Scott College, here in Decatur, GA. She is just a delight - full of wit, good energy & sparkle. Most importantly, she left me with the understanding that we are all on a personal journey, left up to our own interpretation.
Attached is a link to the NY Times review of Committed.
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