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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Philip Johnson (1906-2005) weaves his signature design elements - including a play with scale, landscape, minimalism, and classical architectural details - in both his residential and commercial projects.

Philip Johnson, Pictured with his Design Model of the AT&T Building (now the Sony Building) in Manhattan, Completed in 1984.

Examples include:  the exterior of the AT&T Building (shown above), the exterior of Johnson's Lake Pavilion (shown below) on the property of his home in New Canaan, CT, the exterior of The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center (shown below), and the exterior of a recently published NY Times article of a restored Johnson designed Dallas residence (shown below) - all influenced in form, particularly repeating the arch and minimalist line detail. 

Philip Johnson's Lake Pavilion on his Glass House Property, New Canaan, CT.  Note - Johnson deliberately designed this structure to have a play on scale within the landscape. 

Philip Johnson Designed New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, 1964.

Philip Johnson Designed 12,000 Square Foot Dallas Residence, Completed in 1964.

If in the New Canaan, CT area any time soon, make time for a visit and tour of Philip Johnson's personal home - The Glass House - part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Walking the grounds is almost a surreal experience...   set on 47 acres of rolling landscape, you get to witness Johnson's design vision through the years.   Over time, added structures include his Art Gallery, the Lake Pavilion, the Guest House, and Johnson's Studio - all designed with deliberate attention to need, form, and play to the land.

The Philip Johnson Glass House.
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