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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Highland Bakery, in Atlanta, GA is my go-to spot for fresh prepared baked goods, breakfast, and lunch.  Its convenient location in the Inman Park/Old 4th Ward neigborhoods and close by acces to I-85, makes it the perfect spot to drive by and pick-up goodies on my way out of or back into town.  Yesterday, on route to the airport, my Mom & I stopped in for a bite to eat.  Bustling with patrons, we placed our order with our server and enjoyed our cappuccinos.  At the same moment that Mom noticed other diners receiving their food who had ordered after us, our server came over to our table explaining that there was some mistake on his part of entering our order into their kitchen.  He couldn't be more apologetic about the error and assured us our dishes were being prepared and on their way out for us to enjoy.  Our omelettes arrived hot and filled with tasty veggies and cheese.  Our second mishap soon arose when Mom's omelette was made with cream cheese rather than the cheddar cheese she requested.  Apologizing again for his mistake, our server took away her dish to prepare a new omelette.  

Once freshly prepared and delivered to the table, everything was delicious - from our cappuccinos, to the muffins, to the grits, and the eggs!  To our surprise, the manager came to our table to apologize again for the wait on our food and incorrect ingredients.  She expressed how customer service is their priority and not only took Mom's omelette off our order but an additional 20% off the entire bill.  We were both so taken aback at the graciousness of the restaurant!  Highland Bakery is not in need of customers  (in fact, week-end breakfast is jammed with seating wait times), so Mom and I were very impressed on the sincere attitude of the HB staff and how seriously they take customer appreciation.  Needless to say, Highland Bakery continues to set the bar high not only with their delicious food but clearly, their attention to the positive dining experience of their patrons.

One of my favorite baked goods that Highland Bakery offers is their Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes.  Last year, in the patriotic spirit of July 4, I ordered the regular size Red Velvet Cupcakes (they offer a mini version as well), and asked if the baker could add blue stars made from icing, on to the white icing of the cupcakes - I loved the idea of the red cake, white icing, and blue stars - all in honor of the July 4 holiday!  Such a fun treat for our guests.

Check out the video link below for more behind the scenes baking at Highland Bakery.

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