25 Years After Madonna's Rubber Bracelets, Silly Bandz Are All the Rage

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My elementary school age nieces and nephews know all about Silly Bandz...  they're the reason I've come to learn about this latest craze among kids.  Silly Bandz are brightly colored rubber bracelets, shaped in the form of various designs, that bounce back to shape when removed from your wrist.  The Bandz are packaged with design themes - sports, animals, princesess, western, the alphabet, etc... - and sold in packets of 24.  My 2 nieces, Elizabeth & Nora, tell me that you collect your favorite themes and trade with friends, wearing multiple bracelets at a time.

As I stood over the wrists of Elizabeth & Nora, I couldn't help but recall a time when I wore rubber bracelets - similar in concept of collecting and trading with friends - but brought about through the influence of Madonna and mid 80's fashion.  Madonna's rubber bracelet "look" was all the rage in my elementary school and was part of accessorizing at age 10.

Fashionistas Take Note:  Kids are not the only ones getting in on the fun. Today's NY Times includes an article - Older Audience for Child's Bracelet Is Not a Stretch - in their Fashion & Style Section, of adults incorporating the bright accessory.  Pictured below, jewelry designer Anna Sheffield.

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