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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Egg free ice cream, other wise known as Philadelphia style or American ice cream, is making a come back in the kitchens of boutique ice cream parlors.  Returning to the roots of this simplified form of ice cream making - churning cream, sugar, your desired flavor ingredient together, and perhaps an added liqueur - produces a rich & intense ice cream.  Typically the egg free base is best used when looking to create fruit flavors, allowing the fresh fruit of the season to burst in your mouth with every lick.  Egg free ice cream is also becoming a fan favorite among those who suffer from egg allergies and those who prefer to eat ice cream with all organic ingredients.  The Dining section of today's NY Times includes an article on egg free ice cream and provides recipes, included below, you can create at home for your own taste test.

My Quick Tip:  We've had tasty treat success with the N. Georgia blackberries we picked up at a farm stand on our way home from our visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Take your favorite vanilla ice cream, let sit out until soft; Mash in a bowl your blackberries (or any favorite fresh fruit) with scoops of the soft vanilla ice cream until well combined; Place your fruit & ice cream mix back into the ice cream container and re-freeze.  Enjoy the most savory, chunky, and almost all homemade fresh fruit ice cream.

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