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Monday, August 2, 2010

Keith Johnson

Ever wonder how the dreamy designs, eclectic accessories, and unique home furnishings come to be sold at Anthropologie?  Check out Sundance Channel's Man Shops Globe, and follow Keith Johnson, buyer for Anthropologie, as he travels the earth seeking out interesting artists and their wares to bring back stateside.  I got a chance to watch some of his escapades over the week-end - including Keith's journey to Australia.  He enlists the help of noted Australian interior decorator and stylist Sibella Court as his design guide to uncovering emerging artisans.  Another episode follows Keith accompanying a dear friend on her travels back to her native homeland of Cyprus, as she collects period tabletop accessories and passed down recipes in preparation for her own soon to be published cookbook paying homage to the culinary history of her homeland.  Tune into Keith's latest traveling & shopping adventure Wednesdays @10:00pm on the Sundance Channel.

Australian decorator & stylist Sibella Court, photographed in her shop and residence - The Society, Inc.  In addition to her interiors and magazine styling, Sibella works with Australian paint company Murobond Coatings, to come up with a new collection of paint colors throughout the year.  Once the paint color collection is ready for market, Sibella pulls inspiration from the new color story and reinterprets the interior of her shop, highlighting the collection.

Australian artist and potter Samantha Robinson, surrounded by her creations - hand-cast bowls taken of her stomach along the stages of her pregnancy.  Anthropologie has sold her unique creations with much success.  Pictured with Keith, Sibella, and Magazine Editor Neale Whitaker.

Samantha Robinson with one of her handcrafted belly bowls.

Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield, photographed in her studio.  Anna's creations are sewn and crafted out of torn pieces of heavy paper.  Her Horse creation hangs behind her.

Anna-Wili Highfield's Owl, hanging in Sibella's home.

Anna-Wili Highfield's White Bellied Sea Eagle, 2010 - Available through Anthropologie.

Australian artist Noelle Rigaudie, photographed in her studio.  Noelle crafts home accessories out of cardboard - she hand molds the cardboard then applies a finish coat of paint.

Noelle Rigaudie's Black Side Table, 2010 - Available through Anthropologie.

Check out the video below for more info on Keith Johnson.

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