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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sarah Richardson, noted Canadian interior designer & host of her TV show - Sarah's House - already had a loyal fan following when she debuted her design show stateside on HGTV.  Her interiors work had been published in shelter magazines, Canadian House and Home Magazine named her as one of their "Stylemakers" (their youngest designer chosen to date) and in 2007 she was honored with Canada's distinguished award - "40 Under 40".  Originally starting out behind the camera as a prop stylist & set decorator, her design skills quickly became in high demand.  Matched with a charming & witty personality, Sarah made the easy and successful transition to being out in front of the camera.  The 2 seasons of Sarah's House that I have seen tackle a Mid Century Modern style home's head to toe renovation and a Country Farmhouse in need of a re-design and more livable space.  The appeal of Sarah's House is in the format of the show....  each 1/2 hour episode centers around 1 room, allowing the viewer to see its transformation from raw space to completed design (paint, upholstery, furniture, flooring, etc...) and ready for move in.  Also, her partner in crime, Tommy, adds a little design sugar & spice to the program.  The November '10 issue of Food & Wine Magazine features Sarah's tips to "Personalize a Kitchen", and it also mentions a new show in the works - Sarah 101.  Be sure to watch the clip below from the Canadian show - Passion Profiles - and hear Sarah describe her early beginnings to the success she enjoys today.

Food & Wine Magazine, November 2010

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