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Thursday, October 21, 2010

For me, certain clothing companies will always be synonymous with preppy style.  Growing up in Connecticut in the early/mid 1980's key staples seemed to be apart of everyone's wardrobe - a Barn Jacket from J Crew; Leather Moccasins from LL Bean (with the laces tied in knots);  a Boat Bag from Lands End.  Through the years, these companies have changed their styles and designs to keep up with the emerging trends of the day.  Some of the trendy clothing is just that - too trendy (see J. Crew's Fall/Winter Catalog), but thankfully, LL Bean & Lands End are getting back to their design roots.  Both have developed clothing labels focused on bringing back the classic designs of the clothing & accessories with which they built their successful reputations on - LL Bean Signature & Lands End Canvas.  Check out more details below.  {My secret wish...  please, please J.Crew -  take note and bring back the classic staples - great pants, tops & tees, a maybe a Roll Neck Sweater or two.  Enough with the ruffles, sequins, and way too skinny jeans.}

{Image Found Here}

{Images from LL Bean Signature}

{Images from Lands End Canvas & Lands End Canvas Facebook Page}

Can't get enough classic preppy style?  Check out the Stubbs & Wootton classic ladies slipper offered in style "True Prep" - the English setter design lifted straight from the cover of True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World, the follow up book to the cult favorite The Official Preppy Handbook.  Click here for more info.

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