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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Spring 2011 online issue of Traditional Home Magazine is anything but traditional!  The editors at TH have teamed up with the creative forces behind Lonny Magazine, publishing a collaborative effort fittingly titled TRAD Home. The current issue highlights 20 "new traditional" designers to keep an eye on.  Included is Atlanta dweller & designer Kim Winkler and her vintage bungalow in Whittier Mill Village.  Check out the photos below and click here for more.

Whittier Mill Village is an historic neighborhood on the west side of the Atlanta. The bungalow homes were originally built at the turn of the century for workers of a nearby mill.  Residents have lovingly restored these old jewels, and are hands on in the improvement of the neighborhood's overall landscape.  I first had the opportunity to discover Whittier Mill about 10 years ago.  I was doing some house-sitting for former resident Margo Tantau, who at the time had the loveliest of shops in Atlanta opened to the trade called Relish.  Her home was so wonderful in detailed restoration and oozed charm, that I've always kept on eye on any available bungalows for sale.  Currently, there are 5 properties ranging in condition and priced from $89,900 to $299,000.  I've included the exterior shots of each one, and if in need of any additional information, I highly recommend contacting our friend and trusted real estate agent Christiane Zeh @Coldwell Banker.

2971 Layton Avenue | $89,900

2870 Fabin Street | $139,900

2896 Macaw Street | $149,900

2884 Macaw Street | $239,900

2034 Butler Way | $299,000
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