Online Chit Chat with Anthropologie's Keith Johnson

Friday, October 14, 2011

Keith Johnson | Photographed at his NYC apartment

Keith Johnson seemingly has one of the greatest jobs....  he travels the world in search of interesting artisan made wares, textiles, and crafts, and brings them back stateside to fill the shelves of the home furnishings & clothing store, Anthropologie. Cameras have tagged along in his adventures for a TV show fittingly titled Man Shops Globe, premiering back in 2009 on the Sundance Channel. Yesterday, Keith spent an hour long online chat session answering questions from fans of both the show and Anthropologie. He discussed an assortment of topics including where he finds inspiration for what he buys, are more Man Shops Globe episodes in the works, and the always asked -- Do you need an assistant? Click here to read the full live chat and click here to read my previous post on Man Shops Globe.

Keith and partner Glen Senk's Upper East Side apartment was featured in the October 2009 issue of Elle Decor magazine. The interiors are rich in worldly finds -- fabrics, rugs, and collected accessories layered throughout the home. Check out the photos below.

Images Via Elle Decor
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