Julianna's Coffee & Crepes

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On our Sunday errand run to Inman Park for pet food (to Inman Park Pet Works), we drove past a small storefront space that has been occupied at one point or another through the years with different small businesses, and most recently, was just a storage space for the owner. The space, which has been grandfathered in for commercial use, is ground level, with the owner's original bungalow home attached above.

I immediately noticed the bright colored sign, Julianna's Coffee & Crepes, hanging out front was a new addition....  We stopped in to check out the details & sample the goods. Open for about 2 weeks, owner Andrew (who has named the business in honor of his mother) was super nice in giving us some background info, particularly his desire to bring crepes to the Atlanta neighborhood following a trip to San Francisco and noting their popularity. Julianna's menu offers a small selection of both savory & sweet crepes and brewed Batdorf & Bronson Coffee....  If in the Inman Park neighborhood, make a date to stop by....

Andrew's crepe making station is placed streetside at the front windows

Our crepe

Interior of Julianna's

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