UPDATE >>> Front Load Washers

Friday, November 22, 2013

UPDATE....  My previous post discussed my efforts to rid my rather new front load washing machine of its musty smell. It's been just about 2 months since following the suggestion of switching to Powder Detergent over Liquid Detergent, after reading how the change might make a difference. I should also mention that I have gone a step further and added White Vinegar to every load of laundry (not just reserving it to run through the machine once a month on the Hot Cycle), and I pour it into the cup marked for Fabric Softener. Well, I think my little experiment has paid off, because the odor is gone -- not only from the inside of the machine but from the laundry (particularly towels) too! To be noted, the only issue I have found is that there is not as big of a selection of brands offering HE Powder Detergent as they do HE Liquid. Tide and Gain are the only 2 I have seen and I opted to try/use Tide.

*White Vinegar is performing multiple housekeeping chores....  it is also my go-to Rinse Aid for the dishwasher!
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