Crisp Quinoa Cakes

Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Last Sunday's NY Times Magazine section included Mark Bittman's recipes for cooking with Quinoa....  Specifically, enjoying it crunchy and crafted with a nice mix of sweet or savory ingredients. Last night we made his Crisp Quinoa Cakes with Almonds, Rosemary and Dijon.

Well, the reviews are in, and the Quinoa Cakes were super delicious! So easy to make and I can see how the Quinoa could be a nice base to fold in a number of ingredients suited to your liking. Couple of notes, rather than frying the cakes in a pan of Olive Oil, I think placing under a hot broiler might work as well....  But If you choose to use Olive Oil, I found that the oil needs to be hot to help keep the cakes their round shape. My images below....

Ingredients Needed // Quinoa, Rosemary, Shallot, Almonds, Dijon Mustard, plus Salt & Pepper

  Quinoa Cooked

Ingredients // getting ready to be mixed in

Everything Incorporated

Quinoa Cakes Cooking in Olive Oil

Finished & Delicious! Served with the suggested side of fresh lemon

Images are mine
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