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Friday, January 9, 2015


My Spotlight series kicks off 2015 with a Q&A featuring artist Michelle Armas (above)....  Michelle and I became connected by way of both being Atlanta based vendors for Charish, the very chic online retailer for all things decor.

Michelle's impact on today's art scene stems from her signature style abstract paintings. She works in a range of mixed media, layering line and form and punches of color, on both canvas and paper. Her technique and composition creates an ever ongoing movement throughout the piece. Michelle's work has been shown in galleries across the country and she is locally represented here in Atlanta by Gregg Irby Fine Art. You can also find her through Chairish and Michelle welcomes visitors to her Decatur studio.

*Read more below + included are examples of Michelle's work....

Are you from Atlanta?  If not, where are you from and how long have you lived here?

I have lived in Atlanta, mostly since I was 8 years old. I guess that makes me from Atlanta. I like it, its pretty and laid back and a big enough city to get everything I need or want with lots of people so making new friends is easy. Also seeing old friends is easy. 

Would you share a little insight into your path of establishing yourself as an artist....   

I have a graduate degree in branding/ graphic design. I moved to New York after grad school to work at Landor, and I thought I had landed the best gig but I really didn't like it. I started painting to mitigate the stress and then I started selling them. I wrote a detailed blog post about it here.

What form of medium do you prefer to work in and why?

I like paint, any kind of paint. Because I can create the exact color that I see in my minds eye. I can make a line, or a color field. Its perfect to quickly express an idea. 

Have you found your work to evolve in style or composition or technique over the span of your career?

Any artists is constantly evolving and changing. I am currently into drawing so my paintings have a sketchier quality. 

What inspires your pieces?  Do you credit a particular period or person as an influence on your process?  

I am very drawn to 19th century art, early, paintings mostly and I like portraits or interiors. I love the texture, and the linen and the rich oil colors. I have an art inspiration board here.

Do you have any upcoming news for 2015 you would like to share?

2014 was a big year for us because we adopted a little girl. Now we are going to hunker down and work hard for 2015. I plan on spending a lot of studio time tediously honing my craft. Its what I love, creating work that I feel good about, and that takes work and concentration. 

Images Michelle Armas

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