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Thursday, November 12, 2015


If you follow my blog, you are quite familiar with posts about my college alma mater, Sweet Briar's, fight to remain OPEN. Back in March, the President & Board of Trustees abruptly announced their decision to close our 114 year old school, effective August 2015.

Well, this sent shockwaves throughout the entire Sweet Briar community, and in a matter of 48 hours of receiving the news, we started to galvanize our efforts to overturn the decision. Bottom line, we WON!

In the last 2 decades since I graduated, we alumnae were consistently given the impression by the previous administration that the college was stable and continuing its success into the 21st century. So, imagine our complete surprise when we learned quite the opposite was really going on.

Spreading our message that Sweet Briar will thrive (as is thriving) is our top priority. As we begin re-building & re-branding, nothing has been more exciting than seeing the amazing talents of our alumnae come center stage in our journey -- volunteering at high school college fairs, lending their web & technology know-how, organizing fundraisers around the country -- we have all answered the call to support our beloved school in our own way.

I reached out to Zein Ahmed, owner of  NYC based Guru, maker of fine linen tunics. I asked if she would be willing to participate in a fundraiser for Sweet Briar by designing a signature Pink & Green tunic, to highlight our college colors. She immediately said YES! Guru designed both a tunic & longer dress style (images below)....  20% of each sale will go to support Sweet Briar College -- Order info HERE.

With the holidays quickly approaching, shopping for thoughtful gifts for friends & family starts now.....  Support Sweet Briar with your purchase of Guru's tunic and you'll be making someone on your gift list very happy!

*One of my classmates has created a website that showcases all gifts available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting Sweet Briar -- Click HERE for more info.

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