Paris by Ladurée

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Whether a trip to Paris is on your horizon or on your wish list of places to visit, don't leave home without packing, Paris by Ladurée: A Chic City Guide. Enjoy & experience the ultimate insider's tour with this pocket size soft cover book, featuring a complete roster of the city's most coveted destinations. Hand selected by Ladurée, the acclaimed Parisian patisserie & creator of the double macaron, and compiled by author Serge Gleizes, the book is broken down into four categories -- Cuisine, Fashion and Beauty, Interior Design, Culture. 200 must-get-to-spots are highlighted and paired with detailed descriptions, contact info, rich color photos & illustrations. Along with your passport, a copy of Paris by Ladurée is the packing essential for your next excursion to the City of Light. Images from the book included.....

*I have The Vendome Press/Scriptum Editions to thank for extending me a copy to preview.

Images The Vendome Press/Scriptum Editions / Pierre-Olivier Signe Photography

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