Guéridon Table

Friday, June 2, 2017

Guéridon, translation, a pedestal table. Rooted in French design, the term Guéridon can be used to describe a number of varying pedestal table forms, crafted with finishes ranging from ornate to plain. I keep noticing a particular style of a Guéridon table that continues to be included by today's top interior designers.....  

A simple tripod base, perhaps with a "hoof foot" or ball at the end, with a ring design at where the base meets the top, often utilized to pull up the top flat for practical storage (see more from contemporary designer John Saladino here). The revered French designer Jean-Michel Frank, known for his forward thinking design, translated the style in a very clean and refined form in the 1930s. Through the years, the materials may be reinterpreted, but the look remains constant -- an accent table that nestles perfectly into any room.

I've included a selection of classic designs representing a range of periods, plus, 2 of today's top designers recently launched their interpretation of a Guéridon table....

*Mark D. Sikes

*Kate Rheinstein Brodsky

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