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Monday, June 27, 2011

Celerie Kemble, Deborah Needleman, & Lela Rose (L to R)

While reading through New York Social Diary's latest entries from last week's parties & fundraisers, I loved reading about Wall Street Journal editor Deborah Needleman hosting a party at The High Line for "Off Duty", WSJ's weekend lifestyle section.  Needleman is the former editor of the much loved & dearly missed shelter magazine Domino, so of course, some of her very fashionable friends turned out to support & attend.  Guests included Tory Burch, Celerie Kemble, Lela Rose, and Jenna Lyons.... all looking summery & stylish in NYSD's photos from the event.  Pictured with Jenna Lyons (president & creative director of J. Crew), is a woman (rockin' a pair of Gloria Steinem style glasses) whose name I didn't recognize, Courtney Crangi.  Through a quick Google search, I have discovered a new find -- Courtney's chic family run jewelry line, Philip Crangi Jewerly and her NYC storefront The Crangi Family Project.

Jenna Lyons (with red handbag), and children, with Courtney Crangi

Courtney, together with her brother Philip (a RISD graduate), established Philip Crangi Jewelry, launching their first collection of fine pieces in 2001.  Courtney not only holds the position as CEO of the company, but serves as part muse for her brother's designs.  The collection can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, and their more seasonal line, Giles & Brother, can be found online and is sold at The Crangi Family Project.

Some pieces that caught my eye....

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