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Thursday, October 16, 2014

For me, buying a bottle of perfume is a commitment....   And I tend to have a real sensitive nose to certain scents, so inevitably, it can take me a while before I am firm on my choice. Which makes it so great when perfumeries offer their fragrances to try in sample sizes.

For a long time, I have worn Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia, but I have been looking for something a little different & to switch it up a bit. Over the Summer, I ordered sample scents from Le Labo and tried the 7 fragrances offered by MCMC. Then most recently, when I placed an order through Luckyscent for my Diptyque candle (read more here), I ended looking through their vast inventory of more unique & hard-to-find perfumes.

I settled on 3 samples....  Yuzu Rouge,  Essences Insensees, and White Gardenia Petals (a scent I've been wanting to try since it was reported that Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day!).

When placing an order, Luckyscent gives you the option of selecting some additional samples to try, at no extra charge. I requested if they could recommend some fragrances based on my Jo Malone scent and the 3 perfumes I purchased. Luckyscent included 3 more -- Peau De PechePetite Cherie, and Pear + Olive.

So, over the last 3 weeks I have been rotating all 6 scents to narrow it down to a favorite....  And it has been more difficult than I expected! But ultimately, Yuzu Rouge Eau de Toilette by Parfums 06130 is the clear choice....  With Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse a runner up. I found Yuzu Rouge to be something just really interesting -- you can't put your finger on the scent combination -- a range of soft sweetness mixed bright fruity accents, but not overpowering and not too light, while at the same time, you don't have to put too much on to make a lasting impression.

Luckyscent's Scoop on Yuzu Rouge.....

Refreshing, sophisticated, unusual. A bright citrus burst of Japanese yuzu fruit, grapefruit and verbena is melded with the warm sweetness of black currant and damascena rose for a fragrance that is light, but not simple. Truly elegant, with a hint of spiciness to add depth. Crisp and distinctive.

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