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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I've written previously about my strong feelings (here + here) towards the importance of honoring historic architecture. Here in Atlanta, valuing & respecting period homes designed by noted local architects of the day, seems to continue to be a forgotten concept and ultimately these pieces of Atlanta's history are left to being torn down. Curbed Atlanta has been reporting the details of the current situation unfolding in Buckhead. My heart sinks to read this latest disturbing news, but a lovely 1937 Philip Trammell Shutze designed home known as The Maddox House, will be scraped on Wednesday.

Pictured above is a historic Buckhead home that has recently hit the market. The Mediterranean inspired style perhaps takes influence from its architect Lewis "Buck" Crook's (1898-1967) travels to Europe (at the time with mentor & renowned architect Neel Reid). The home was designed and built for Mr. Hugh H. Ellison in 1927. Crook was a Georgia Tech graduate and worked for the premiere southern architecture firm Hentz, Reid & Adler before founding his own company in 1923 with partner Ernest Ivey -- Ivey & Crook, Architects. In addition to the 100 residences Crook designed around the Buckhead neighborhood, over the course of his 40+ year career, he is also responsible for a great number of Churches, Academic and Commercial buildings in Atlanta.

**Support Georgia's Historic Preservation Division by purchasing their license plate (pictured above), for an annual fee of $35, from which $22 will go towards preservation projects...... 

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